"Because of the variety of international work that we do, our needs are very unique and specialized. Our standards needed to serve all of our specialties across two continents. David was able to advise and create standards for us to use as office templates. Once implemented, the new standards and upgrades within our San Francisco office went without a hitch"

A. Roger Ricketts, Vice President — BraytonHughes Design Studios

CAD: AutoCAD Setup & Standards

Maximize your investment in AutoCAD by creating standards that streamline CAD production. AEC Perspective thoroughly understands the construction documentation needs of a design office, and has developed numerous and varied techniques for incorporating CAD in the design office workflow.

Specializing in Setup and Standards for the Small Design Office, AEC-P has created AutoCAD standards for numerous sole proprietors and offices with a handful of AutoCAD users. Clients include architects, interior designers, structural engineers, landscape architects, other design professionals. AEC-P “right-sizes” the standards development to fit the client’s needs, focusing on the essentials while building in an ability to expand and accommodate projects of greater scale and complexity.

Implementation Training is the key to the success of any standards effort. AEC-P is committed to ensuring that all members of an AutoCAD team understand how to take full advantage of the efficiencies built into the new standards.

Acad Screen Setup

The CAD Standards Development Process:

  • Assess existing production workflow & document “look and feel”
  • Develop layout, text and dimensioning standards based on existing office preferences
  • Create templates, profiles, plotting configuration files and other tools for efficient and consistent production
  • Implementation Training